Friday, February 24, 2012

Don't Hit the Butterflies

Don't Hit the Butterflies!! 

So Fast, Fun and Easy!!

To get started:
I printed the Bee's pictures from my CD that I've referred to in the past. I got the Butterflies from online. My husband refs High School football sometimes and has all the fun flags that I use, But just a normal Bean bag would work too. I write songs on the back of the Bees, but not the butterflies. I lay all the bugs scattered on the floor far enough apart that there is empty space between the bugs. 

How to play:
Tell the kids "throw the flags at the Bees, but not the Butterflies." If it lands on a butterfly or just empty space, the kid passes the flag to the next kid to try until a Bee is hit then sing the song on the back!! The twist of the Butterflies and empty space is to allow room for error so more kids get a turn. Remove the Bees as they land on them, but keep the Butterflies on the floor so the game gets a little harder-I save the older kids for the last few tries and tell them "its really hard now I need my need my older boys!" They love that. Its that easy!!

I assemble the bugs differently for Senior and Junior primary since they are different ages. I reassemble the bugs after awhile, too.  

It doesn't have to be Butterflies and Bees. Just pick something you want to hit (like bugs or weeds)  and something you don't want to hit (like birds or flowers)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lego Earrings - My Creation

I was looking through all me earrings and I have at least 10 stud earrings. As I am a mommy toys seem to mix with many things I do.  I found something to do with them.

I  found some legos for $1 at Wal Mart

I got my earrings

Get your stud pieces and....

put some hot glue into back of the stud ...

and stick the ball of the earring into the hot glue.

Then Ta-Da!!!

You have earrings 


These studs will be able to fit into the back of any lego so you can change them up.

I figure these earring are a little bit more fun for teenagers or kids but I really like how they turned out.

Let me know what you think!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Use Shelf Liner for Wall Stickers

Every kid needs wall decals but they are not cheap.

When we had our first child we bought some real adorable flower wall stickers to decorate her room with. When we moved from that house into another house we didn't want to pay $10-$15 for more wall stickers. So I decided that find something that would stick to walls and could be painted on. That is where I decided that shelf liner would be perfect.

You can get 6ft of white shelf liner at the dollar store.
Here is what we did.

You may notice that our stickers aren't sticking very well. This is true because these have been removed from walls about 3 different times.

All you got to do is draw your design/picture on the liner then cut it out and stick it to your wall.

Its that simple!!

Note: You may use this idea to let your spouse know how much you care by writing small notes on the liner and sticking it around the house.

Friday, February 17, 2012


I had a really great idea last night I thought I would share it with you all. It might seem stupid cause it was like a, "no duh" moment but hey I thought maybe some people out there might not have thought of this idea.

Because the price of a small jar (32oz) of sliced pickle is about $2-$3 dollars, I have recently started buying the whole pickles and in the Gallon jar ($6-$7) and it cost twice the price, yes, BUT is 
4 times as many pickles. 

I know it is a stupid thought, But I dislike having to do more work than necessary, so when it comes to having hamburgers, the last thing I want to do is cut up pickles and then throw the left over slices into the large gallon jar to float around and never be caught again.


Last night I cut up some pickle and placed the cut pickles in a left over, cleaned out, peanut butter container and added some of the pickle juice from the large jar. Now I have both, snack size pickles and sliced pickles.

I thought this was such a great simple solution OR I'm just crazy and no one else thinks about this problem but hey. ;)

Car Seat Cover/Basic Bundle

I have two Car Seat Covers ready and available for purchase, so I figured I would put some more picture of them up here so you can get a better look.

This Car Seat Cover is made from a Monkey flannel print on the outside.

This Cover has a Teal-ish ribbon that ties this cover onto any car seat.

and a brown flannel on the inside. 
This cover is $20

You may also purchase a Car Seat Cover and matching Shoulder Straps with your cover for only $25 - saving you $3 

This Car Seat Cover is made from a baby jungle animal cotton print on the outside.
This cover is $20

This Cover has white ribbon that attaches it to ANY car seat.


 This has a sea green flannel on the inside.
You may also purchase a Car Seat Cover and matching Shoulder Straps with your cover for only $25 - saving you $3 
If you would like to purchase something but would like them in a different fabric we can do that as well!!
If you would like to order any of these products, Email me at or Visit my Etsy Shop and press the contact button on the left under "shop owner."

Include in your message/email:
Products you wish to purchase

I would prefer these items to be purchased through my Etsy shop, via PayPal, or paid in cash at the time you receive your product(only if you are in town).
If you are from out of town I will have a flat rate Shipping price of  $5 for those in the Continental US

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Great Way to Re-Use Glass Bottles and Save!!

I have really loved the new Calypso Lemonades and have had ever flavor.... and a few. But when you break it down, I have bought at least 10 lemonades at $1.50 each, that is $15 dollar on a drink that takes less than 1 hour to consume. If you are trying to save money here and there, $15 dollars on 10 lemonades can be changed to $3 dollars on at least 20 lemonades. The best part is.....the glass bottles can go in the dishwasher!!!!! Cool Right!!! :) 

SO..... Here is my solution that helps me to save money.

I saved the bottles of the Calypso Lemonades. Trust me this is only a few of them..

 I found a lemonade or instant drink that is quick and simple to make. The cool thing is these are only $3 dollars and you can make more that one glass of lemonade from it.  

My bottles are 20oz bottles so I added 3 large Tbs of the drink mix.

Ta-Da!!! Now you are ready for water. Fill it up most of the way but remember you will still need shaking room.

Put the lids Back on...

And do what the bottle say... SHAKE WELL!!!

And Boom!!! You got you some lemonade that is cheaper, already made, and hey we recycled.
And that is what I do. Hope you enjoyed!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ski Resort Singing Time!

Ski Resort Singing time!
I saw this idea on a site a long time ago, but it was to small to blow up. So my Brother-in-law made this for me. It's made from one poster board cut in half and then placed side by side. Its a little worn from lots of use, But it still works great!
I used Glitter and markers to add the effect. I attach the pictures together and tack it to the tack board.

The sign on the Mountains says "Avalanche Pass(sing) the sign on the ice says "Thin Ice (whisper)"

The sing on the Hills says "Humming hills(Hum)" and The sign on the Cabin says "Rest Area(Piano only)"

I had a little Ski Man attached to a long stick, but He wore out. So the kids just use the stick now to point to the areas. I have a kid come up and control the Ski Man and board. As we sing the kid moves the Ski Man to the different areas of the board and we follow the singing command suggested on that area. Its a lot of fun!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Primary Dice - Singing Time Activity

Primary Dice
When I moved to this ward they had this dice in the Primary closet. I believe I need to credit Sister Day for making this. I use alot. It's a foam block covered in colored paper. Each side is represented by a picture not a number.

Since it is completely laminated, you can attach different things to each side with just tape.

This Dice has One Propher, One Faith(the word), Two kids praying, Three baptism picture, Four Temples, Five Gold Plate.

I have used the diferent sides to represent different ways to sing, Different songs, different activities to play. I just place the "code" on the white board so they all know what each side represents. For Example, Temple= Fun song, or Faith=singing Strong(Lion) vs Softly(Mouse).

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Its A Give Away!!!

Alright people, It is time that I have my very first give away.

I am going to be giving away a PRIZE. That is it and you can get a set of boy or girl, car seat shoulder straps. If you win, you will tell me the gender of the child that the shoulder straps are for and I will make them and send them your way.

To qualify for the drawing you must 
  1. Like our Facebook page 
  2. Join our blog.

And that is it. It is that simple. The drawing will be on Monday the 13th. YAY!!!

Here is an example of what the prize could look like

These ones are infant Car seat Straps (below)

These ones are a bit bigger for toddlers

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baby Shower Gifts

It seems that so many people I know are having babies, or people I know, know people having babies. I decided I would put up a list of the various items that I can make for you to give as a great baby shower gift.

 The first Item is a Nursing Bracelet. This bracelet has numbers 1-12 on it and a movable charm so the new mother can keep track of when she last nursed her baby. It can also be used to keep track of fetal kicks and contractions. 
These Nursing Bracelets cost $6

If you are like me, I have three other moms I always get together with and we are always mixing up our wipes cases, that is until I covered mine. These travel wipes cases are different and cuter from the normal store bought cases and will not get mixed up with other family members. 
These Travel Wipes Cases cost $6

Nursing clips are great. These clips will attach to any blanket and BOOM you have a nursing cover. I keep mine in my purse and can still my babies car seat cover as a cover if I forget a blanket. 
These Nursing Clips cost $4

This nursing cover is made from a two layers of cotton fabric. The strap comes around the neck and has D rings so you can adjust the length.

Nursing Cover Costs $20

Here is a Car seat cover I recently made for my cousin. These are great to keep the cold air and sun off of the baby without overheating in the summer time. It attaches to ANY car seat with ribbon. The car seat cover is made from a cute cotton print

and is lined with a solid Flannel.  
This Car Seat Cover cost $20.

And if you like you can purchase matching car seat shoulder strap covers. They are made really small, so the baby is not squished, unlike the large store bought ones. 
These Car seat Shoulder Straps cost $8

What I think is the best gift EVER, is the Car Seat Blanket. This Blanket is designed to be able to have the baby safely strapped in as well as having the blanket completely wrap around a baby and you wont have to worry about the blanket falling off. This particular blanket is made from to layers of flannel, BUT you are welcome to request fleece, cotton, or flannel.
These Blanket Cost $30 and is worth every penny.


Basic Car Seat Bundle - $25 - Saving $3
 (Car seat cover and shoulder straps)

Complete Car Seat Bundle - $50 - Saving $8
(Car seat blanket, cover and straps) 

Complete Baby Shower Bundle - $80 - Saving $14 dollars
(Nursing Bracelet, Clip, Wipes case, Car seat cover, Shoulder straps, and Car seat Blanket)

If you would like to order any of these products, Visit my Etsy Shop and press the contact button on the left under "shop owner" Or Email me at

Include in your message/email:
Product or bundle you wish to purchase
General Color or print idea

I would prefer these items to be purchased through my Etsy shop, via PayPal or paid in cash.
If you are from out of town I will have a flat rate Shipping price of  $10 (Complete baby shower bundle not included) for those in the Continental US