Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Great Way to Re-Use Glass Bottles and Save!!

I have really loved the new Calypso Lemonades and have had ever flavor.... and a few. But when you break it down, I have bought at least 10 lemonades at $1.50 each, that is $15 dollar on a drink that takes less than 1 hour to consume. If you are trying to save money here and there, $15 dollars on 10 lemonades can be changed to $3 dollars on at least 20 lemonades. The best part is.....the glass bottles can go in the dishwasher!!!!! Cool Right!!! :) 

SO..... Here is my solution that helps me to save money.

I saved the bottles of the Calypso Lemonades. Trust me this is only a few of them..

 I found a lemonade or instant drink that is quick and simple to make. The cool thing is these are only $3 dollars and you can make more that one glass of lemonade from it.  

My bottles are 20oz bottles so I added 3 large Tbs of the drink mix.

Ta-Da!!! Now you are ready for water. Fill it up most of the way but remember you will still need shaking room.

Put the lids Back on...

And do what the bottle say... SHAKE WELL!!!

And Boom!!! You got you some lemonade that is cheaper, already made, and hey we recycled.
And that is what I do. Hope you enjoyed!!

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