Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ski Resort Singing Time!

Ski Resort Singing time!
I saw this idea on a site a long time ago, but it was to small to blow up. So my Brother-in-law made this for me. It's made from one poster board cut in half and then placed side by side. Its a little worn from lots of use, But it still works great!
I used Glitter and markers to add the effect. I attach the pictures together and tack it to the tack board.

The sign on the Mountains says "Avalanche Pass(sing) the sign on the ice says "Thin Ice (whisper)"

The sing on the Hills says "Humming hills(Hum)" and The sign on the Cabin says "Rest Area(Piano only)"

I had a little Ski Man attached to a long stick, but He wore out. So the kids just use the stick now to point to the areas. I have a kid come up and control the Ski Man and board. As we sing the kid moves the Ski Man to the different areas of the board and we follow the singing command suggested on that area. Its a lot of fun!

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