Sunday, February 12, 2012

Primary Dice - Singing Time Activity

Primary Dice
When I moved to this ward they had this dice in the Primary closet. I believe I need to credit Sister Day for making this. I use alot. It's a foam block covered in colored paper. Each side is represented by a picture not a number.

Since it is completely laminated, you can attach different things to each side with just tape.

This Dice has One Propher, One Faith(the word), Two kids praying, Three baptism picture, Four Temples, Five Gold Plate.

I have used the diferent sides to represent different ways to sing, Different songs, different activities to play. I just place the "code" on the white board so they all know what each side represents. For Example, Temple= Fun song, or Faith=singing Strong(Lion) vs Softly(Mouse).

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