Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baby Shower Gifts

It seems that so many people I know are having babies, or people I know, know people having babies. I decided I would put up a list of the various items that I can make for you to give as a great baby shower gift.

 The first Item is a Nursing Bracelet. This bracelet has numbers 1-12 on it and a movable charm so the new mother can keep track of when she last nursed her baby. It can also be used to keep track of fetal kicks and contractions. 
These Nursing Bracelets cost $6

If you are like me, I have three other moms I always get together with and we are always mixing up our wipes cases, that is until I covered mine. These travel wipes cases are different and cuter from the normal store bought cases and will not get mixed up with other family members. 
These Travel Wipes Cases cost $6

Nursing clips are great. These clips will attach to any blanket and BOOM you have a nursing cover. I keep mine in my purse and can still my babies car seat cover as a cover if I forget a blanket. 
These Nursing Clips cost $4

This nursing cover is made from a two layers of cotton fabric. The strap comes around the neck and has D rings so you can adjust the length.

Nursing Cover Costs $20

Here is a Car seat cover I recently made for my cousin. These are great to keep the cold air and sun off of the baby without overheating in the summer time. It attaches to ANY car seat with ribbon. The car seat cover is made from a cute cotton print

and is lined with a solid Flannel.  
This Car Seat Cover cost $20.

And if you like you can purchase matching car seat shoulder strap covers. They are made really small, so the baby is not squished, unlike the large store bought ones. 
These Car seat Shoulder Straps cost $8

What I think is the best gift EVER, is the Car Seat Blanket. This Blanket is designed to be able to have the baby safely strapped in as well as having the blanket completely wrap around a baby and you wont have to worry about the blanket falling off. This particular blanket is made from to layers of flannel, BUT you are welcome to request fleece, cotton, or flannel.
These Blanket Cost $30 and is worth every penny.


Basic Car Seat Bundle - $25 - Saving $3
 (Car seat cover and shoulder straps)

Complete Car Seat Bundle - $50 - Saving $8
(Car seat blanket, cover and straps) 

Complete Baby Shower Bundle - $80 - Saving $14 dollars
(Nursing Bracelet, Clip, Wipes case, Car seat cover, Shoulder straps, and Car seat Blanket)

If you would like to order any of these products, Visit my Etsy Shop and press the contact button on the left under "shop owner" Or Email me at

Include in your message/email:
Product or bundle you wish to purchase
General Color or print idea

I would prefer these items to be purchased through my Etsy shop, via PayPal or paid in cash.
If you are from out of town I will have a flat rate Shipping price of  $10 (Complete baby shower bundle not included) for those in the Continental US

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