Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Singing Activity Visuals

Primary Singing Time Necessities
I spent a lot of time on these, but it has really been worth the time. I got all these visuals from this CD.
This CD has tons of clip art that is great! I bought it years ago when I 1st started teaching singing time, but I believe you can still get this CD at Deseret books. I have transferred the pictures to a Window word and re-sized them there to the size I wanted, then just printed the pictures on colored paper, then laminated them! That's It!

I'm sure a lot of people are aware of this idea for singing time. When the "Go" sign is up you sing and when the "Stop" Sign is up you stop singing and just listen to the piano.

I printed this on white card stock and colored it with markers. Boys vs. Girls. All girls sing when the "Girl" sign is up and the boys sing when the "Boy" sign if up. Everyone sings if both sings are up. 

These next pictures took a little more work after I moved them to Microsoft Word then I inserted the words on them, then printed them on colored paper. I wanted to make sure I also put the real musical terms on them so the kids can get use to seeing them in the hymn book. "Mouse" sign you sing softly like a mouse(I don't like to say Quietly since some kids will not sing then. Softly, I think implies quietly without saying it). "Lion" sign you sing strong like a Lion (I try to avoid saying the word "Loud" since some kids think that means screaming. Strong means Powerful so I think loud is implied) You can alternate these while singing too.

"Sheep" sign, you sing smoothly like a sheep's wool. Tell the kids to try to avoid breathing tell you signal them to do so, to help make the song sound smooth. The "Goat" sign you sing choppy like a trotting goat. Tell the kids to make several small breaths with each syllable. I had the kids march like a goat to each syllable to help them learn this. Try this idea with Popcorn Popping! Its a big hit! If you have a great Piano player you can alternate these signs in a song too.

"Rabbit" sign, you sing faster. "Turtle" sign, you sing slower. This is a fun thing to do alternating each line of the song 

I had to draw these. I found the little people from a website and was able to draw them. The kids love this! "Standing girl" sign, you stand and "Sitting boy" sign, you sit down. Alternate these in a sound and you will keep the kids attention, for sure!

When I first introduced these I brought one set each Sunday tell we had them all understood. The kids will do one set of these Visuals for a whole singing time while learning how to sing the different ways. Great way to learn new songs!

After the kids have learned all the Visuals, I use them to help the kids know how different songs should be sung. For example, As a Child of God should be sung Strong(Lion) and Smoothly(Sheep) at the same time. Have the kids concentrate on adding both styles to the song as they sing. You'll be surprised by the result.

I will refer to these Singing Activity Visuals often in my lesson, cause I use them all the time!!  

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