Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Make Pajama Shorts and Pants Out of Adult Pajama Pants

When you have three children and are trying to save money here and there you try not to waste anything. So when my husbands new captain america pajamas shrunk in the washer, I decided my son would LOVE these. I decided to make him Pjs out of them.

 Lay the pant down and cut off the waist band

Fold the pants in half, as shown

I got a pair of my sons pants for a measurement of how big they needed to be. Place the pants you wish to mimic over the top of the big pants

Cut about a inch away from the little pants, as you will need seam allowance. Make sure you cut about 2 inches at the top, cause you will be folding it down for the waist band. Also, I wanted these pants to be a little longer so I added an inch to the bottom and, to save time, I am using the original hem.:)

When I told my daughter I was making her brother pjs, she wanted some too, so I had enough to make her shorts. She was thrilled.

So here are what the pieces will look like when your done.  The piece on the left is two legs for shorts and the piece on the right is two legs for pants.

Starting with the shorts, open up the pieces and fold it up about an inch and sew. I surged mine, you can zig zag stitch yours but neither is really necessary as the fabric will not fray.

Here is a close up of what it will look like

Now that both pants are already hems and ready to go, you can start by sewing the inside leg seam.(like the above picture) Do that on both of the legs.

Now your going to flip one pant leg right side out.

Then stuff the right side out leg into the other leg, as shown above.

Now sew along the inseam (the black line)

If you look closely you can see my stich

Now fold down the top of the pants about 1.5 inches.

Stitch around, just like you would if you were hemming the pants, BUT leave about a inch open, as shown.

Get a piece of elastic that fits the waist of your child nice a comfortably, Get one end and place a safety pin on it, like shown.

Stuff the safty pin up through the area you left open.

Push it all the way through, and stitch the front and back of the elastic together, as shown.

Then you are all done

and your kids can enjoy them. 

My kids did. They thought it was so cool that their pants matched.

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