Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bean Bag Toss Singing Time

Bean Bag Toss Singing Time
This Sunday was the end of practicing As a Child Of God. So as a fun sign off activity we played Bean Bag toss. We have this game with all our yard games and thought it would be fun for Singing Time and it WAS! Each Hole in the base is worth either 1, 2, or 3 points.
I put the kids into two teams. The Red Team and Blue Team since that was the colors of the Bean Bags. I had four kids from the 1st team throw their Bean Bags into the nets to see how many points are possible for that round. Then I had just that team sing the first verse of the song to see if they “earn” all their points. If they didn’t sing well they might only get half the points (this never had to happened, but I made sure they knew it could happen). Then the next team throws their four Bean bags to see how many points they can sing for. They sang the same one verse. We did this for all three verses, and then moved to some other songs we have been practicing. The kids were aware that they would lose points if they were not reverent, and that really helped keep them calm, through this very exciting game. They had so much fun and I could tell they really knew the Songs! This was a great game since it gave everyone a turn to play, plus we sang just practice songs and everyone still had fun!

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