Friday, February 24, 2012

Don't Hit the Butterflies

Don't Hit the Butterflies!! 

So Fast, Fun and Easy!!

To get started:
I printed the Bee's pictures from my CD that I've referred to in the past. I got the Butterflies from online. My husband refs High School football sometimes and has all the fun flags that I use, But just a normal Bean bag would work too. I write songs on the back of the Bees, but not the butterflies. I lay all the bugs scattered on the floor far enough apart that there is empty space between the bugs. 

How to play:
Tell the kids "throw the flags at the Bees, but not the Butterflies." If it lands on a butterfly or just empty space, the kid passes the flag to the next kid to try until a Bee is hit then sing the song on the back!! The twist of the Butterflies and empty space is to allow room for error so more kids get a turn. Remove the Bees as they land on them, but keep the Butterflies on the floor so the game gets a little harder-I save the older kids for the last few tries and tell them "its really hard now I need my need my older boys!" They love that. Its that easy!!

I assemble the bugs differently for Senior and Junior primary since they are different ages. I reassemble the bugs after awhile, too.  

It doesn't have to be Butterflies and Bees. Just pick something you want to hit (like bugs or weeds)  and something you don't want to hit (like birds or flowers)

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