Friday, February 17, 2012


I had a really great idea last night I thought I would share it with you all. It might seem stupid cause it was like a, "no duh" moment but hey I thought maybe some people out there might not have thought of this idea.

Because the price of a small jar (32oz) of sliced pickle is about $2-$3 dollars, I have recently started buying the whole pickles and in the Gallon jar ($6-$7) and it cost twice the price, yes, BUT is 
4 times as many pickles. 

I know it is a stupid thought, But I dislike having to do more work than necessary, so when it comes to having hamburgers, the last thing I want to do is cut up pickles and then throw the left over slices into the large gallon jar to float around and never be caught again.


Last night I cut up some pickle and placed the cut pickles in a left over, cleaned out, peanut butter container and added some of the pickle juice from the large jar. Now I have both, snack size pickles and sliced pickles.

I thought this was such a great simple solution OR I'm just crazy and no one else thinks about this problem but hey. ;)

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