Monday, February 20, 2012

Use Shelf Liner for Wall Stickers

Every kid needs wall decals but they are not cheap.

When we had our first child we bought some real adorable flower wall stickers to decorate her room with. When we moved from that house into another house we didn't want to pay $10-$15 for more wall stickers. So I decided that find something that would stick to walls and could be painted on. That is where I decided that shelf liner would be perfect.

You can get 6ft of white shelf liner at the dollar store.
Here is what we did.

You may notice that our stickers aren't sticking very well. This is true because these have been removed from walls about 3 different times.

All you got to do is draw your design/picture on the liner then cut it out and stick it to your wall.

Its that simple!!

Note: You may use this idea to let your spouse know how much you care by writing small notes on the liner and sticking it around the house.

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