Monday, May 14, 2012

5 Ways To Use Lighter Fluid

 As a mommy there are some cleaning product that you have to have around the house at all times. Lighter fluid is one of the. It can remove so much. I first learned of lighter fluids awesomeness when I worked at an optical shop.  We would use lighter fluid to remove so many things off of peoples glasses. I have recently began using lighter fluid for all sorts of reasons so I thought I would share some of the household cleaning that lighter fluid can help with.
  1. Removes paint from glasses or windows
  2. Removes Hairs spray for glasses or bathroom window
  3. Removes Stickers from smooth surfaces
  4. Removes Band-Aid Residue from skin. Be sure to wash skin thoroughly with soapy water after. 
  5. Starts fire.
These are just a few uses, comment if you know other uses for lighter fluid.

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