Monday, May 7, 2012

Tips To Help Make A Enjoyable Trip with Toddlers

 I recently took a 14 hour trip with my three children ages 3, 2, 7mths. I began looking around the internet to figure out what I could do to entertain m kids and could really find anything for my age of kids, so I figured I would let you know what I did that helped us out on our trip.

  1. Stops. Make sure you make stops that allow them to run around and get out some energy, maybe have them do this right before there normal nap time.
  2. Snacks - a variety is sometimes very exciting for the kids. I had Cheese, Cheetos, Fruit Snacks. WARNING-Sugar may not be the kind of snack you want to give your kids.
  3. DVD Player - Pick movie you know they will watch or haven't seen in a while. If you are going to buy new movies, save them for your trip. This will help a lot!!
  4. Dollar store toys-Give them a gift,which is a toy from the dollar store, when ever they begin getting rowdy.
  5. Naps -Make sure if you are driving through your kids normal nap time make sure they nap, turn off the DVD player and give them a blanket
  6. Bring a blanket.
  7. Favorite Stuffed animal/Doll. May help keep them calm
  8. Music. I got Disney music. My daughter and son loved singing along. 
If there is anything you do to make traveling with toddlers easier, please comment below.

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