Friday, May 25, 2012

How To Make a Infant/Toddler Dress Form.

I have been making infant and toddler dresses and have been really wanting a Dress Form to take pictures, but they cost an arm and a leg. Because I do not have any extra limbs to spare, I decided to make my own. As I was walking down the garden section at Wal Mart, I stopped at the Folding Garden Fence, and I discovered how I was going to make my dress form. 

You will need:
8' H x 10' W Folding Garden Fence for $4 
Wire or Zip ties
Wire Hanger
Wire Cutters.

Using your wire cutter remove 3 sections

Using your wire cutters Clip off the wire that is sticking out.
You may want to file the edge if you will be working with very sensitive fabric.

 Place two of the fence pieces flat on each other.

 Starting at the bottom(in the picture) start wrapping your wire around...

  until you get 3/4s of the way to the top(in picture)

It will look something like this.
Continue this step until all three sides are connected.

Now you are going to get your wire and start wrapping the tops together.(Sorry this is my finished Dress Form so yours will not have the large hanger wire in it) There is no real rhyme or reason to how I wired the top but just make sure it is nice a secured and it all comes together. 

Next Grab your hanger and fish it down through the top of the form. 

Now just wrap the hook or the hanger around the fence portion. Make sure its tight and doesn't move around.

Turn the feet up.

And then it should look like this

And now it is ready to rock any infant or toddler dress.

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