Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Singing time Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

I love doing this type of lesson cause everyone can have a turn and they really look forward to it; so they are very good singers cause they are excited for their turn. 

Preparations needed for this lesson is:
  • A picture that can be transformed into a puzzle. I got my Picture Puzzle from my singing time CD called Primary Partners Singing Fun! My Family Can Be Forever
  • Come up with a lot of fun hiding places in your Primary room to hide each piece.
  • Pick some songs. Enough for each puzzle piece.
  • You will also need some advance time in the primary room to hide all the pieces before the kids get there.
  • Prepare a Cheat Sheet with all the clues listed in a row.
You can get any picture and cut it into as many pieces as you need to fill your time. I had 30 minutes this Sunday so I cut it into 17 pieces.

I flipped them all over and put clues and a song on the back of each piece. 
For example, one piece would say "Tick Tock" so they know the 1st clue is hidden on the clock and also written on it is "Nephi's Courage" so they know what to sing after. They then start building the house top to bottom on the board as the clues are found. You can hide them everywhere: under tables, on the piano, and even on people!  Don't forget to make you a sheet with all the clues in what order and where there hidden just in case.
 Since I have alot of kids I put them in groups of 3. They all look for the clue. Whoever finds it(kid 1) gives it to kids 2 who waits tell after the song is sung then reads the the next clue. While the next group of kids are looking for the next clue, kid 3 puts the pieces on the board to build the house.

If you spend some time on this lesson it will be your kids favorite. Just do a different picture every time. Make the clues fun. If your really creative you can make them rhythm. I'm not that good,but it would be fun.

Sample clues:
"Testing, Testing 1 2 3" -Microphone
"I looked out the ____ and what did I see" - Window
"Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" -Under one of the Sunbeam's chairs
"The Chapel ___ seem to say to me" - Door
"Choose the Right"- Under the CTR Class chair
"You've had a birthday Shout Hurray"- Birthday board
(Draw some notes on the back) - the piano
You can also make it a very long puzzle/Scavenger hunt so that maybe it could take two whole Sundays!

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