Thursday, February 2, 2012

As a Child of God

Here Is my hand signs for As a Child of God performed by my daughter Emily! She is my little CTR!
I broke the song down so you can see each part of the song and what sign goes to each. I bolded the exact word that each sign represents.

 I Came(point to self)

 To Earth(point down to the ground)

 With power to Choose(show your "power" muscles:)

 Good Choices bless (Make a "Blow kiss" sign which is "good" in sign language)

Me and

My Family too. (Put your hands to your chest then spread then out and then together like a book to represent you then all the other people around, like a family)

 As a Child of God (you "pat" the head of imaginary kids sitting in a circle around you, like when the children gathered around Jesus's knee)

 I recieved Special Light (make a flickering hand sign to represent a flashing light)

 The Holy Ghost helps me

To know what is right

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  1. I love this! great way to teach the song, and what a cute little model too!