Friday, January 6, 2012

Magnetic Board for Magnetic Paper Dolls

My daughter got this very cute magnet doll set for Christmas. I noticed very quickly that the piece were getting everywhere. I decided that I would make a magnetic board all the dolls and clothes, But then I realized the doll themselves were only magnetic on the front and not the back, so I needed to fix that.

Her is the doll set. Lots of pieces right!?!

Solution is a cookie sheet. My husband told me to throw this out but I knew I could use it for something. 
Of course it took me about a year to use it. 

I had bought these frames on sale for Halloween.

I figured could use the center magnet to make my dolls magnetic. You can also use any of those free magnets that you may get in the mail.

I cut mine into a general shape that I knew would fit. You are welcome to try and make it perfectly fit, but that was more work then I wanted to deal with.

So get your hot glue gun and glue them on.

There are actually 4 dolls in the kit but one is still MIA.

Make sure your pan is magnetic anough to hold your dolls.Then your done...MAYBE....

If you want to make it pretty here are the other things you will need. (or you could you spray paint, It would be tons easier, but I didn't have any.)

It took about 3 coats of paint till I was satisfied with the color.
Spray the Lacquer on it. Let it dry....

...And your done. Feel free to store all of the clothing items on the other side.

Hope this helped you. I know it helped me.

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