Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Emergency Vehicle Tubes

Growing up my parents were really good at being prepared. With 4 daring boys and 5 hormonal girls they had to be prepared for anything. One particular thing I remember was always having everyday meds in the car for road trips. If someone was having a upset tummy there was always tums. If someone had a headache there was Tylenol, and so on. So as we are planning out first family-of-five trip to Disneyland, I decided I would make me a Emergency Meds and Band-Aid car Tube

 The first step is to get some of the common medications that you use. In this picture I have Allergy Pills, Tylenol, Tums, Immodium, Day Quill, and Cepacal, and three different types and sizes of band-aids.

Label snack bags and make sure you put the MG amount.
Note: You may want to date you meds with the expiration date

Place the pills in the bags

I used these mini M&M containers that my kids got in their stockings for Christmas.

Trim down the pills that  wont fit. Be sure that you do not cut to close and break the air pocket,

Roll your snack bag down from top to bottom, and push all the pills to on side.

Then roll up the bag from one side to the other.

Place all of your items in the tube, or whatever container you choose to use. My mom used a check box.

Label your container.

I made a separate tube for the band-aids. you could also place feminine hygiene products in here.

Label this one as well.

And then you are all finished and just got to put them in your vehicle. I plan on putting them in the compartment under the passenger side chair. I am sure a glove compartment would work too.

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