Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to make a Boppy

I made a Boppy for my second child and after much use, it had decided to explode. As this was my first homemade boppy, I had some design errors, but I have worked out the kinks in this new tutorial.

 You will need about 2 yards of fabric.I am using muslin. I know it is not the best looking fabric but I my next project is going to be a cover. So keep an eye out.

step 1

Lay your fabric down and fold your fabric over, like so

 Make sure it is sixteen inches long when folded, so if you open it it would be 32 complete inches.

step 2

 Cut the side of your fabric to measure 16 inches. Mine was already cut at 16.5 so I left it.

Now here is the tricky part. Lay your measuring tape down on the fabric. Mine measured 16.5, so at the bottom right corner of the fabric, hold your measuring tape at 16.5....

step 3

and then slowly move the left free end of the measuring tape upward and cut as you go. Dont worry the cut does not have to be perfect.

Now cut out your second piece just like this one. I place the cut piece over the uncut fabric and then cut  it out. Its so much easier.

Now your piece looks like this.

step 4

 The inside of the boppy is going to be about 7 inches around, so with your piece still folded in half, you are going to cut 3.5 inches in just like in step 3

 And it should look like this

 Then open your piece up like this.

 Then on ONLY ON SIDE you are going to make the rounded edge, something like the above picture.

 then it will look something like this opened up all the way.

 It should measure 32 inches completely across

 13 inches wide

 and about 6 inches or so in the inside

Sew the boppy, starting with the top center and sew around leaving a opening.

 Flip your boppy right side out.

 Stuff some cotton into the opening.

 Place as much as you want to get the form and shape that you want.

 Then you are almost done.

 So from here you can do one of two things. hand stitch it or machine stitch it. Because I plan on having a cover over the top of it. I sewed it by machine.

 I pinned the side so I knew where to start and stop

 Place your whole boppy up on that desk

 Line you sewing needle up with the pins.and sew.

 I had a few issues, such as a child on my lap, that helped me make the stitch look this awesome.


Then your done. My daughter wanted to test it out and take a picture with it, so here it is.

This boppy will be completely different from other boppys cause it will be able to wrap around and  help your child sit up.

All in all, she loves it.

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