Thursday, January 5, 2012

52 Reasons Cards

I found this really cute idea on Pinterest and me and my husband decided we would make these little books for each other for Christmas.
What you need: a deck of Cards, Ribbon, Paper (or pen), Hole punch

 First you need to write 52 reasons why you love you spouse, sister, brother, grandparent, etc.


Then put one reason one each of the cards. I used a joker for the front and back cover

 Then Just punch holes in each of the cards, thread the ribbon through and tie it off. You may need to melt the edges of the ribbon, mine was beginning to fray.

Ta-Da!! its all finished. Here is it from the front...

Here is a view of the inside.

Try to find a deck of card that would match some of the reasons.(example above)

For example....(above)

I hope you enjoy these. I know I really loved to see the strange things that my husband loves about me.

NOTE: If you are printing them out and placing them on cards make sure you change up when you are putting the reasons cause one end may be bigger than the other (picture 1) and maybe hard to place back into the box. My husband did his right (picture 2)
NOTE: You can just get a pen and write on the cards if you would like. I just don't have the best handwriting. 

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