Thursday, January 5, 2012

Washer Machine Magnet

If you are like me you try to save as much time as possible. So when you are washing laundry and you have a stained shirt, (or whatever else your kids decided to stain) you throw it in the washer and cross your fingers you remember to check the stained shirt before you put it in the dryer. I very often forget so I have created this magnet. It is super easy and very helpful.

 This is all you need: Scissors, Magnet photo sleeve, and a paper. (feel free to write on it what you want but this is what I wrote.)

Cut your paper down to size and slide it into the magnetic photo sleeve

Ta-Da!!! Your all done.

Place it in your washer and when you open the lid you will remember to check on that stained shirt. When it is not in use you may place it on top of the lid.

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