Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sticky Solution

Hello all, Have you ever had a recipe tell you to use wax paper. I made these cheerio snacks.

For this recipie visit this link

They were really really good but I had an issue with my snacks sticking to the wax paper.
So I thought up an awesome easy solution.

Get a frying pan and turn it on a medium heat. 

Take your snacks and separate them from each other.I cut around the snack using scissors leaving enough wax paper around the snack so I could pull it off easier.

Then place the snack (wax paper and all) on the frying pan. (you can see my pan was a bit hot)

Rub the wax paper around the pan for about five second.

And if all goes well... the wax paper should peel right off!!
I hope this is as helpful for you are it was for me!!!

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