Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nursing Bracelet

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If you are pregnant or just having a baby, this bracelet is just what you need. This helps you remember when you last nursed your baby, or when counting fetal kicks, contractions.
The Nursing Bracelet also:
• Remind working mothers when to pump
• Count the number of glasses of water drunk in a day
• Remind you when to take or give medication
• Keep track of the number of laps walked
• Remind you of an appointment time
• Count down the weeks until the baby’s arrival
• Count the number of wet or dirty diapers in a day

This beautiful bracelet is made up from an elastic cord, beads and a beautiful charm of your choice. This bracelet fits comfortably around a wrist that measures 6.5 inches. The knot hides behind two solid colored beads (picture #3). This way the knot won’t be seen or felt.

Beautiful beads represent a 12-hour clock. A charm is attached to this, which the mother moves to mark the time her baby last began a feed. The bracelet’s elastic string allows the mother to track which side she last nursed from by switching the bracelet from wrist to wrist without fiddling with clasps or fastenings. Reminders of the last feed time are especially useful if the mother is tired, overworked, or suffering the baby blues.

How to use:
1. Switch the bracelet from wrist to wrist to keep track of which breast you fed from last.
2. Move the charm to mark the time your baby's last feed began (see picture #5). This is helpful if you have a sleepy baby who doesn't wake for feeds, if you would like to establish a breastfeeding schedule, or if you're feeding-on-demand and would like to keep track of your baby's breastfeeding patterns.
3. An alternative use for the bracelet is to count the total number of feeds in a day (newborns should feed eight to twelve times per day). Place the charm after the relevant number bead.

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