Friday, November 18, 2011

Take Pants in, in 5 minutes

Do you have a little kiddo that doesn’t fit into their pants? My little man gets his metabolism from my side of the family. I cant keep any weight on this guy he eats and eats but also runs and runs. My little guy doesn't like when his pants don't fit. He will just keep pulling and tugging to keep them up. Lets hope that lasts into his teen years. My son is 26 months and his waist  fits 12mths pants but 18mths are the perfect length for him.
(these pants are 24 months, I will be hemming them as well, watch for the tutorial)
I have been taking this little guys pants in since he was 6mths old. So I decided to show you my little technique for taking in pants in less than five minutes. 

First step: Put the pants on your son and pull the extra slack out, as show in the above picture.

Second: Pinch the pants in the back and decide how much you need to take in. I needed to take in about 3 inches. I will be putting in two seems into the pants so each side will need to be taken in 1.5 inches

Third: Take the pants and flip them inside out. 

Fourth: Next you will line up the side seem and the back seem 

Fifth: Press them together. His pants need to be taken in 3 inches I will divide that number my 4 which equals about 3/4 inch.

Sixth: Measure and Place a pin where need, using the formula above. I placed my pin in ¾ of an inch.

Seven: Sew right where you placed the needle. Sew from the top of the pants down to the end of the waist band.  

Now repeat step 4-7

The end result will look like this 

Flip the pants right side out and they will look like this.

Try the pants on your little kid and see how they look

This is just that way I have been taking pants in for my kids. I hope it helps.

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