Thursday, April 4, 2013

Young Womens Gift: Value Necklace

I was in charge of finding a gift for our girls in our Young Womens group. I was looking all over the internet for something cute, handmade, cheap, and something the girls would use or wear. I couldn't find anything that I thought really fit my girls. I then decided It should include the Young Women's value colors, and maybe something they could wear to remind them to stand up for what they believe in and to hold true to their values. This is what I came up with

The black ribbon on this necklace stands for the dirtiness of the world and the beads represent our values, As long as we focus on our the beauty of our values(the beads) We will not  notice the filth of the world(the black ribbon.

What you will need is:
1 yard of 1/4" ribbon (I used 100% polyester) per necklace 
8 beads all different colors. Make sure the hole in the beads are big enough to fit the ribbon through. 

I got my beads from Hobby Lobby.

Cut your ribbon to the desired length. I wouldn't make your necklace any shorter than 1 yd

Start with your white bead push it down about 17 inches from one side of your ribbon and tie a knot before and after the white bead.

Continue placing the beads on the ribbon tying knots after each bead. 

After you place on your gold(final bead) tie and knot, wrap your ribbon around and tie the bow on the side. 

I made 10 of these necklaces and they only cost about $2.50 each. I of course got the beads on sale  for 50% off but if you do not catch a sale $5.00 each is still an amazing price.

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