Friday, March 29, 2013

Singing Time-Doing the Wave

Doing the Wave

This idea works great with big or small Primary's when learning songs using clip art.
We're working on If the Savior Stood Beside me and I borrowed the clip art from We have been using these visuals all month and to keep things from getting boring we decided to do The Wave.
  • When I was in a larger Primary I gave each class a Visual, but now that I'm in a tiny Primary I gave each child a visual.
  • You can group the kids together, or designate chorus visuals to be every one's visual and they stay at the front of the room.
  • The kids can stay in their chairs, but make sure the visuals are in order to keep things less complicated. 
  • Now that everyone has there visuals, make sure they can sing there part super well. Maybe practise a few times.
Doing the Wave:
Now the fun Part!!
Start the song and when it comes to the first group or child's visual, point to them(a little early if possible), they stand up, hold their visual high, sing their part aloud, and then quickly sit back down. Then its time for the next group or child to stand, do their part, and sit down.
Their doing the Wave!
They have a lot of fun doing this. I rotate the visuals clockwise so each group gets a turn to sing the new part.  
Alternative twist or Hints:
  • If the kids are a little shy singing alone, still have them stand, hold up their visual high, but everyone sings it, not just them.
  • Remember if your short on kids, Teacher can have parts too.
  • Teaming a younger child with a teacher can help make this process run smoothly as well.

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