Friday, June 8, 2012

New Products From Forever Sew Cute

Hey everyone,
I have been really excited about the new products I have been asked to create for people. So I thought I would share them with you so could know the story behind some of these projects.

I was asked to make a diaper bag to match a wipes case that I had for sale. I had never made a bag, let alone a Diaper Bag with pockets. I looked at patterns and didn't really like they way the bags turned out so I created my own pattern and this is what it turned into.

I love lots of compartments in baby bags. There are two elastic straps for bottles or sippy cups (left side) , three elastic pocket compartments (top) Cell Phone pocket (Right) And a wipes and diaper pocket(bottom)

Here is a dinosaur baby bag I was asked to make. This one is a little shorter and has a strap across the top to close it.

I was asked to make a wrap around nursing cover. I had never made one before and had only seen one picture of a Walmart Shawl. I created a pattern and added a pocket and binding.

 You cannot tell me that is Cow Print Nursing Shawl, isn't the coolest idea ever. A customer requested this print and said, "Might as well embrace it."

I was asked if I could make this Romper. I really loved the look of this, and was really excited for the challenge.

This is how it turned it.

I was then asked if I could make a Pink and zebra print romper for a little girls first birthday. She also requested to have a #1 on the front with her name on it. And this is how it turned out.

I was also asked to make a matching for when she eats her Cake

My newest project was to make car seat covers. When I was pregnant, I recovered my baby car seat in a unisex color because we didn't find out what gender we were having. When she was born I immediately wanted to recover the car seat, well she is 9mths almost, so I'm a little behind.  Better late than never right?

You can now request a cover from me in any print you would like. Zebra anyone?!?!?

I have a new little nephew coming into the world and wanted to make something for him before his family moves away. So I decided a little vest would be perfect.

Visit my Facebook page to see some of the colors you can have the vest made out of.

If you like any of the products you see here and would like to order something, you can visit my website or write on my facebook wall, click the link here to be directed to my page, Forever Sew Cute, and let me know what it is you are interested in purchasing.

Thank you for stopping by.

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