Monday, June 4, 2012

Make a NEW Skirt from Jeans and an old skirt

I have been going through my clothes and came across a favorite skirt that was too small around the waist, and pants that fit really strange. You know what I'm talking about, those pants that when you bend over and your back side shows. SO I decided this could be fixed by combining the two together.

Get your pants and cut off the legs, as if you were turning them into really short shorts. Then cut up the inseam and even out your cut, now it should look like a mini skirt. Then get your skirt and cut from the top down until its top and the jean bottom is roughly the same width. Then, with your jeans right side out, slide your inside out skirt over the top of the jeans. Make sure both RIGHT sides of the fabric are against each other, then sew. You will be sewing together the bottom of the jeans to the top of the skirt.  Then ta-da, you are finished. If you would like you can sew a top seam along the jeans if you would like, I did and it seemed to take away some of the flair. But here you go, you now have a new skirt.

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