Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Who are you?
                I am a wife to an amazing husband, of 6years, who has been pushing me for years to start sewing for other people. I am also a mother of 3 children, a 4 year old girl, a 2.5 year old boy, and a 6mth old girl.Sewing has always been a passion of mine.

How do you find time to sew?
                As a mother of 3 children, I sew during my children’s naptime and sometimes in the evening. I do make motherhood a priority, and sewing is a side hobby. I get about 4hrs of sewing a day.

What are your credentials?
                I have been sewing for 10 years. I used to sew church dresses for myself at a young age. in the last 7 years I began making designing and making prom dresses, bridesmaid’s dresses, flower girl dresses, Halloween costumes and have also made simple products such as aprons, skirts, etc.

How do I purchase a product from you?
                You can order my product in many ways. You can message me though my Facebook Page and tell me what product you would like. You can comment below the picture of the product you wish to purchase. You can write on my wall and tell me the desired product and general fabric design/print.
You can also email me at foreversewcute@hotmail.com.

How much are your products?
All of my product prices are listed in the description, if not feel free to message me.

How do I know when I will get my product?
                Orders will be done on a first come first serve basis. When you place your order I will give you a rough time frame or possibly an order number, meaning how many orders I have in front of you.  If you want to purchase a custom order, such as a dress, romper, bag, this order is subjected to be taking about 2 weeks-4 weeks depending on complexity. I can usually complete a product in 1 week. Any of my “main” baby products will automatically be moved to the front of the pile, as these are quicker products and I am more familiar with making them.

Can you make custom products?
                I have my own products that I make but I also am whiling to make some custom orders. I have done custom products and do welcome them. You will need to message me a picture of the desired custom product and I will evaluate it and see if it is a product I can make for you. I will message you and give you a yes/no and a price guess-tamation.  Yes that is a word. 

What if I need a product in one week?
                 If you need a product within a week of your order, you can pay a fee to move your product to the front of the pile. The fee will be based on complexity. For example, Car seat covers $3 fee,  Dress $10-$20 fee.

If I already have an order in, can I request another product?
                You can add to an order, but if the product will take longer than a week for me to make, it will have to wait till I have completed the other orders in front of you.

What if you get too many orders?
                If I continue getting swamped with orders, I will be receiving help from my sister who taught me how to sew. And I am hoping to add her on as a partner.

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