Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tanyas Singing Time

  Introduction to Tanya's Singing Time!!

I love teaching Singing Time! I’m not the best singer, but I love teaching. 
My name is Tanya and I’m going on my third year as Primary Chorister. I have taught in two different wards now. My first ward was very small with less than 20 kids. Now I teach in a ward where there are More than 50 kids! This has changed my strategies on teaching. It’s split between Senior and junior Primary, but that’s still almost 25 kids a lesson. 
My theory with my Teaching is that if kids have fun they learn, and also think its important to give everyone a turn to help, get out of their chair, and just over all, be noticed in front of the other kids. This, I’ve learned, brings the most participation and learning. So that is my focus in teaching. I’ve never blogged before, but I know how little of ideas there are out there beside Sugardoodle, which is great, but the only option that I’ve known about. So this is to share my ideas in hopes to help the other who are looking for more ideas! This is also to help me keep my ideas organized. 

I do have a CD of all the primary graphics that I use A LOT!!! I strongly suggest investing in something like this. I love visuals and I can’t draw! 

My hope is to keep up every week with my Singing time ideas. I will most likely post after Sunday so that I can provide any issues or adjustments that might help others get more success

My Sister Kristy will do most of the posting for me since right now I work full time.  Wish me Luck!

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