Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fun Song Bowl

Fun Song Bowl
 I love being in primary! Have I said that yet?? Anyways- some quick need-to-know news about my branch. Its pretty small, so we only meet 2 hours. So for me that's one hour Sacrament meeting and one hour primary. So I have broken primary into 20-25min opening exercises, singing time and sharing time. That gives the kids 30-35mins in the individual classes, which I think are very important.

With that being said, I feel its important to magnify that time with as much spiritual learning as we can cram into one hour! Singing time and sharing time are kinda fudged together. Practicing the song of the month and the lesson go hand in hand anyway, so they blend together nicely.
HOWEVER Primary needs to be fun too! Fun invites learning, learning invites the Spirit, the Spirit makes even one hour of lessons work like two. That's my theory anyway. So I have prepared this Fun Song bowl. It has all my favorite fun songs in it that really get kids happy. They pick one before we start Sharing/Singing time and at least one, but maybe two other fun songs if we can finish the verse of the song we learn that day.
I just went to a party store and found this cute bowl. I went down the party favor isles and found these cute smile faces super cheap. Really any silly party favor would work. The sillier the better! I used a Sharpie to write the page numbers on each one. I originally bought a bunch of smiley face stickers to decorate it with, but I choose the printed sign so the kids couldn't see the page numbers when they picked one. Either way would be cute!
I have only done this one Sunday, but I'm already finding it helps the kids focus when its time for Sharing time. Hope this idea helps anyone else out there!

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