Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chore Chart for Toddlers

It has been a very long time since I have had the time to update my blog. I decided to make time a update it today with my chore chart. I have been using it for 3 days now and it works amazing!!!

I have searched all over the internet for a good chore chart for my children. I finally decided that I should just make one myself.

This has worked great for my children. I have listed the things that I want my children to be working on.
The first one is just simple. If the kids use the restroom, flush the toilet and close the door they get a X in each square each time they do this without reminder.(We have a very interested 18mth old daughter that loves the toilet) So in this category each child can earn up to .03 cents. Your 1yr old can earn money here too. If they come tell you that they are poopy or wet then give them a X on the chart and this can be your first step to potty training.

The next one is screaming. If the child screams they get an X a square each time this is done.This also goes for the hitting category. In these category the child will lose money.

Cleaning up dishes category. This is simple, after a child eats a meal they simple put away their dishes and can earn .15 cents a day. If you have to pick up their dishes don't give them an X and they will be sure to remember next time. Your 1yr old can do this too, just pick them up to help them reach the sink.

I have a random Helping category as I want my children to learn how to help each other. This could be something simple like helping a sibling clean the room, helping you do the dishes, etc. In this category they can earn .15 cents a day

Get Dressed is the next category. The first square in getting dressed in the morning and the second is for putting on jammies. Have your 1yr old pick out her jammies so she can earn money too. They can earn .10 cents a day by doing this category.

Making their bed will earn them .10 cents a day. They can earn .10 a day for helping here.

Setting the Table in one that all your children can participate in, yes even your 1 yr old.

The next one you may not struggle with and can change if you with but my two toddlers dont like to eat or try new things so we have Eatting Meals as a chore, as I am done forcing my children to eat.(my kids are very very small built children and really shouldn't miss a meal.) This has actually paid off, our kids eat their meals a try the veggies too. They can earn .30 a day

My two older children don't need naps anymore so we have quiet time, this requires them to sit quietly for a movie(about 1hr 30min) while my 1yr old takes her nap. So your child can earn .25 a day.

The last one is pick up your toys. I usually have them do this before daddy gets home and they get really excited to earn "a whole quarter"

This is just my chore chart, you can adjust it in which ever way in comfortable to you. I used Excel to create this one but you can also use Word and make a table. I hope this helps you out. I know it helped me.

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