Monday, April 30, 2012

Tips To Make Your Long Drive Enjoyable!!

My husband and I recently returned from a much needed, week long vacation to San Antonio, which is a 14 hour drive from where we live. This made me wonder, "what will we do to stay wake." So I started brainstorming and looking at other blogs and this is what I came up with

  1. Stress Free List. Before the trip, make a list of ALL the stressful things that your spouse and you should try to avoid talking about on the trip. This will help you both to avoid touchy subjects that may stress out one another. After all a vacation is supposed to be a stress free thing.
  2. Read a book. My husband and I dont read books, BUT we did decided to try this out. It was super fun. We found movie that was originally a book, 'I am number four'. This way we could watch the movie later and be a critic. ;)
  3. Questions. Find questionnaires to ask each other-Or you could make them up. I went through some many sites and just took their questions. Of course some of them are the same but, hey, it was kinda fun to quiz your spouse and see if they remembered the answer.
  4. Find all 50 states license plates game. I found this game from Dating Divas Blog. This was super fun I printed one out for the trip there and one for the way back. My husband got really into this.
  5. Get FUN music. I went through my music and my husband went through his and we chose songs we would like to listen to. This way we would both be able to listen to what we wanted. I was able to listen to my late 80's and 90's music. It was super fun to be a kid again.
  6. Comfy Clothes. Make sure you travel in comfy but nice clothes. This way you will still feel nice, or for me still feel pretty, but comfy. 
  7. Snacks. Make sure you don't just have candy or just veggies. Make sure you have a nice mix of snacks. My husbands personal favorite, Slim Jim's and m&m's. 
These games and tips will really help will your drive looks like this.

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